Do you only do kitchen & baths?

No. We are professional designers by trade, most having worked in many areas of design and are capable of working with any room or area you may desire. However, our team also has extensive experience in the areas of kitchens, outdoor kitchens, baths and closets that is necessary and invaluable when attempting to design or renovate areas that, by nature, tend to be detail intensive and complex.

Do you only do plans for existing properties requiring renovation, or do you consult on new or build projects, as well?

Our project mix includes both renovation and new construction. For new construction, we ask that you send us your architectural floor plans and any related detail pages such as elevations, etc. The ideal time to begin working with us on new construction is prior to breaking ground while still in the plan stages – this is when we have the greatest flexibility and best opportunity to personalize your space to exacting detail and any changes can best be accommodated in the construction process. However, if you are beyond that point, we are still happy to work with you on your project. If you seek guidance on a number of areas within your plans, feel free to contact us to discuss your project so we can also customize a project plan that suits your needs.

Can I buy a package to gift?
I received a gift package, but after reviewing your site and options, would like to know if I can upgrade my package to a different option?

Can I buy a package to gift?

Absolutely!! Professional design services is an especially thoughtful gift that compares to few others when you consider the recipient receives the ability to customize and personalize their space in a way that fits their taste, budget, lifestyle and personality and will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come. A gift of our services is perfect for most any occasion – birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, wedding, anniversary, house warming, Valentine’s and so many others….and don’t forget “just because I love you!”

I received a gift package, but after reviewing your site and options, would like to know if I can upgrade my package to a different option?

I received a gift package , but after reviewing your site and options, would like to know if I can upgrade my package to a different option?

Certainly, simply email us at and provide the details and we’ll be pleased to respond with the best way we can accommodate your request.


What is required to get started?

Initially, everything required from you to get started is outlined in Step 2 – Engagement & Information of the process. Additionally, your input and responsiveness to requests such as phone calls, emails, etc. along the way is required to continue moving forward in the process.

I've selected my plan and paid online, so when does my project get started?

Because we must have all your materials prior to beginning work on your project, the official start of your project begins when all the required information has been received. Only then can we begin working on your project, so any delays in our receipt of information transfers into a delay of your finished project. Therefore, it is extremely important that you provide the requested information as quickly as reasonably possible.

What if I like my plan, but require some revisions?

We provide our clients a preliminary floor plan that we review with you in detail, so you have the opportunity to weigh in on the design and can request any desired changes at that time. Once the changes are made, floor plan is finalized and presented for final for approval. Once approved, we proceed to the finalization stage of the process.

When can I expect my final plans to be completed?

The easy answer is our work typically requires approximately 2-6 weeks. However, factors that affect us expeditiously providing finalized documents is dependent on how responsive and quickly a client provides the necessary information. Other factors that affect timing is the overall complexity of the individual project and our workload at the time the project is initiated.

Documentation QUESTIONS

What will I receive?

Please reference by specific plan under Pricing to determine what is included your particular plan.

How will I receive my documents?

Documents will be transmitted electronically via email.

Who has ownership of the final documents and how can they be used?

The final documents become the property of the purchaser (or recipient in the case of a gift) and provided the account is in good standing, and you may use them any way you like. Feel free to submit them to financial institutions, contractors, trade professionals, product vendors, and the like, to obtain project financing, preliminary bids, and costs to finalize actual project costs. You may transmit them electronically, or if actual prints are desired, you can submit your files directly to an online printer like that will print in the size and quantity you specify and ship directly to you. Be sure to enter Coupon Code ???? for the best deal at checkout!!

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