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Top 5 Pantry Renovation Ideas When Remodeling Your Kitchen

The newest inspiration topping this season’s food storage design trends are pantry renovation ideas. Our professional online kitchen designer has seen amazing transformations happening as homeowners across the country transform cluttered pantries into well-organized, stylish areas they are proud to showcase.

Why Update The Pantry

Whether you are doing a whole-home remodel or specific kitchen remodeling project, like the pantry, change is always healthy. Your home can enjoy the look and feel you’ve always imagined, and a new pantry will seem easier to handle. It might be the inspiration the space needs to stay organized and make you feel good about its updated style and functionality.

Five Pantry Renovation Ideas From Kitchen Designers Online

People with a beautiful, perfectly organized pantry make it seem so simple, and you can be one of those inspiring individuals with these Top Five pantry renovation ideas from Kitchen Designers Online:

#1 Small Step, Big Impact

#1 Small Step, Big Impact

The first step in making your pantry “Instagram ready” is to clear it out. Take a good look at the details in the design and see how it holds together. Assess what you are working with, and see whether your own observations come up with any exciting pantry renovation ideas.

Over the last decade, options for pantry organization have grown exponentially, and you might be missing out on phenomenal organizational tools without talking to industry experts like Kitchen Designers Online. Any pantry can benefit from a reevaluation, so visualize your new pantry and then invest in the changes you need.

#2 Simple Pantry Redesign

Does the current pantry design work for you? Why not? If you removed all the shelves or rearranged them, how might it change your kitchen?

Sometimes, it is not so much about the space not meeting your needs as it is about the shelving configuration. Before you put the new shelves back in or replace dilapidated ones, why not refresh the area with a coat of paint? Color is an easy and cost-effective way to liven up the pantry without any major effort.

#3 Pantry Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

Small kitchens usually have small pantries, and it can be a challenge to find enough storage space. If you need aspirational pantry renovation ideas for smaller pantries, the latest trend is to tap into unused vertical spaces for extra utility. It is something you can do on a weekend that will instantly add valuable space.

If you are wondering how to reach some of the higher additions in the pantry, Kitchen Designers Online recommends a charming pantry ladder that rolls from side to side on a track. It looks amazing, but it is also a practical way to ensure you use every inch of the small pantry effectively.

Rolling Pantry Ladder

#4 Spacious Shelves and Door Hangers

Expanding on the idea of using every inch of storage space, it is also an excellent idea to use pull-out shelving and over-the-door organizers in the pantry. It is simple and adds a designer aspect. It is also efficient, as pull-out shelves employ a smaller footprint.

#5 Butler Pantry Renovation Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a butler’s pantry, converting the space to open shelving is an easy kitchen pantry idea. Open shelves are visually appealing and easier to declutter. A local kitchen designer like us will be happy to walk you through these pantry renovation ideas and help you create a functional yet attractive space.

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