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Kitchen Designers Online | Why Hire Us?

Kitchen Designers Online makes expert design available to everyone by offering our clients flexibility so they can tailor our services to their specific wants and needs without feeling obligated or committed to services or products they don’t. Unlike other firms, we don’t recommend or solicit your purchase of specific products based upon our alignment with manufacturers or commission opportunities. Our only mission is to provide as little or as much professional design assistance as you feel is needed to accomplish your project goals in a way that you determine is reasonable based upon your capabilities and budget.

Kitchen and bath design involves far more than just plan layouts, furniture placement and color and materials selections of typical projects, it literally is a specialty within a specialty. Being a Kitchen & Bath Design Specialist requires a professional with a true dedication to their trade who loves their work.

Beyond design abilities, our team is innovative, extraordinarily detail-oriented, has completed in-depth education and specialized training, both in the classroom and in the field. They possess a superior working knowledge of virtually every facet of construction, trades and products along with a comprehensive understanding how all the parts and pieces work together and affect the other.

Each member of our team not only has demonstrated design experience, but also has an extensive work history and garnered coveted awards in the specialty of kitchen and bath design.

Kitchen Designers Online is veteran owned, based entirely in the USA.

Kitchen Designers Online | Our Online Design Process

Our online process is designed to put you in control! Our team members are highly-skilled, innovative and strong, effective communicators. But more importantly, they are active listeners!

Hiring a pro to help with your kitchen or bath design doesn’t mean relinquishing control, it simply means you’ve chosen to put those dreams in the hands of someone who can help you realize them effectively, efficiently, and with style.

Five Easy Steps to Professional Kitchen & Bath Design Services From the Comfort of Your Home


Initiation – Beginning the Process

Select and purchase your Online Design Package after carefully considering your needs and scope of work desired.


Engagement & Information

In this phase, we gather all the information required to begin work on your project.

You’ll receive a room specific Design & Lifestyle Questionnaire for you to provide answers and input along with detailed information on what and how to provide required information.

You will provide overall project budget We encourage our customers to compile Inspiration photos and your personal ideas of what you’d like to see in the space, specific likes/dislikes, how space will be utilized or a “use evaluation” if you will, design style, color scheme, budget to share with us.

You will provide “as-is” photos documenting your current space

You will detail and document an accurate diagram of room layout including dimensions, doors, windows, and any permanent or stationary fixtures. This can be easily accomplished with a tape measure and sketch pad or with one of the many available phone apps*, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Should you require additional assistance, let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you in the process.

*AirMeasure, Measure, PLNAR to name a few



Connection & Conversation


Once all your completed documents are received, we will begin work from your photos, actual field measurements, inspirations photos, etc. to discuss your project by phone and email. We will schedule a meeting via conference or video call- whichever is easiest and most comfortable for you – to connect with your Kitchen & Bath Design Specialist to really get to know you and further discuss and understand your desires for your new space.

Your designer will guide you through this call so that we can fully understand your objectives and desires from this project. Much of this time will be spent listening, questioning and getting to know you, your family, your lifestyle, project ideas, goals, finishes and budget focusing on how you want your new space to perform, live and feel.

Though this interaction may seem like just conversation, it is a critical step of the process, allowing us to be more effective in designing attractive, functional rooms you desire on a realistic budget.

Together, we’ll analyze options and possibilities for your new space based upon the information provided.



Conceptualize & Finalize

The conceptual phase is where we present and review a preliminary plan of your space, weigh the benefits and options. At this time, any desired changes are requested to define the final layout of the project. Final plans are submitted and approval is required prior to moving forward in the final steps of the process.

We will refine the look of the space, selections, colors, finishes and other material options.

You take control in this process, but we are here to guide you along the way so you can make wise, informed decisions.


Final Design to Plan

Once we have an approved floor plan, in this final step, all documents will be completed (based upon the plan selected) detailing everything determined in the design process arriving at your final design package. Once complete, you will receive your package via email.

Your new project awaits you and you are now ready to begin your journey implementing the plans to attain the room of your dreams!